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San Antonio, Austin, & Frisco Residential Roof Replacement & Repairs

Professional New Roof Construction and Roof Replacement Services

Radiant Roofing is your trusted roofing contractor serving San Antonio, Austin, and Frisco, Texas. We pride ourselves in the knowledge and the experience required for a quality installation of the different roofing applications. We will work with you to determine if a full replacement or only a repair is necessary for your roof. With our experience and knowledge, we will help guide you into selecting the best roof option for your home. Be it shingles, metal or tile, we will talk with you about your best value options (please refer to city locations to see roof options available).

We are fully insured, licensed, and experienced in giving you the best options, value, and installation available. Contact us prior to filing an insurance claim so we can assist in maximizing the value of your claim.

What to Expect During Your Roof Inspection

During your initial roof inspection, a member of our team will assess any damage to the attic or sheetrock caused by leaks. We’ll check to make sure your roof vents and soffit are providing correct ventilation, measure the roof dimensions and photograph any damage to help you with any insurance claims. You’ll be able to see samples of different shingles, color, and vent options.

The day before our team comes to install your new roof our team will deliver the materials to your home to help ensure speedy completion of your project. After the work is complete, our team does a thorough walkthrough of the attic and both your yard as well as your neighbors, cleaning up and using a magnet to check for any nails that may have fallen.

We Offer Metal Roofing for San Antonio, Austin, & Frisco Homes

Renowned for its durability and low-maintenance qualities, metal stands as an exceptional roofing choice. Our expertise lies in the application of the standing-seam method, distinguished by the interlocking seam that graces the vertical metal panels. From the harshest weather conditions to its nearly impervious nature against leaks, metal roofs consistently excel. Our preferred partners, Berridge Manufacturing and McElroy Metals, ensure top-notch quality, backed by a 20-year manufacturer’s guarantee. Complementing this, our metal roofing company extends a comprehensive seven-year workmanship warranty on all completed metal roofs, solidifying our commitment to enduring excellence.

We provide all types of residential roofs with great quality and craftsmanship.

Consider Tile Roofing with a Lifetime Warranty

Tile roofing, ideally suited for new home construction due to its demands for structural integrity, stands as a testament to longevity and elegance. A professionally crafted tile roof seamlessly weaves endurance into the fabric of your home’s lifespan. With an array of colors and profiles at your disposal, embracing diverse architectural styles is effortlessly achievable.

Radiant Roofing proudly bears the certification of being a Tile Roofing Institute (TRI) approved installer. Going beyond TRI specifications, we prioritize your satisfaction by incorporating a moisture barrier as an additional precaution. Elevating our new roof installation, we implement two-step pipe flashings and strategically placed metal within valleys, establishing a robust defense against potential leaks in critical zones.

Embracing a tile roof brings a wealth of advantages, including fire resistance, immunity to vermin, and resistance to warping, lifting, or curling. Underlining our commitment to quality, a manufacturer’s limited lifetime warranty accompanies each tile roof. Our roofing contractors also offer a comprehensive seven-year workmanship warranty. It’s worth exploring potential homeowner policy discounts with your insurance agent, tailored to properties adorned with the enduring protection of tile roofs.

Color & Materials Options

Resawn Shake

Burnt Sienna

Moire Black

Galvalume Metal

Berridge Charcoal Grey

Medium Bronze

Lead Cote

Charcoal Grey


Antique Brown (Half Barrel)

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Financing for Residential Roofing Services

We understand that replacing a roof is a large expense, even if insurance is covering part of the replacement. To help our customers manage the costs of their roof replacement we’ve partnered with GreenSky to provide 12-month, no interest financing options for qualified homeowners. Learn more about their rates and financing offers or apply now at GreenSky.


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